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Mitch & Ryan were introduced in 2002, & their association eventually grew into what is now “Hesen & Haslam. During their careers they have literally taught thousands of people how to help work towards their financial independence and provided strategies designed to help pass their accumulated wealth to their heirs. Perhaps they can help you, too.

“Family and health are the keys to a happy and satisfying life,” says Mitch, “Having one’s finances in order can make those first two priorities a lot easier."

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"I enjoy helping people with what is for many, the most difficult part of their lives: Their finances," says Ryan.

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Christine Kuether, CFP® ChSNC™

Investment Analyst and Special Needs Planner

(818) 275-8138

(818) 999-6100

As the Investment Analyst for the Hesen & Haslam team, Chris monitors account allocations and makes changes when necessary. She researches various investment options and prepares proposals.

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Julie King

Marketing Specialist & Client Services


Julie handles marketing and client services for Hesen and Haslam, including planning client events and helping clients with their day-to-day needs.

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Sarah has been in Finance for over 8 years and after a two year traveling hiatus joined the Hesen & Haslam team as the Assistant Analyst. Sarah’s largest passions in life are writing and traveling. She has explored 42 countries and...

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