Charitable Remainder Trust

July 12, 2019

Charitable Remainder Trust: Giving While Managing Your Retirement


You want to make a significant gift to charity.  You need an income stream now or in the future.  You have appreciated assets such as real estate or stock.    You want to give in a tax-efficient way. IF this describes you, you may want to consider a Charitable Remainder Trust.

A charitable remainder trust is used to convert assets into income and charitable gifts.  The assets should be marketable and no longer needed by you.  Here’s an example:

John & Mary bought a piece of investment land 30 years ago.  Today that land is worth 5 times what they paid for it.  They would like to seel it and use the proceeds to provide a retirement income stream.  But selling it would cause a huge capital gains tax problem that discourages them from considering selling the property.  A Charitable Remainder Trust can help.

Here is how it works:  With the help of your advisor, one or more assets are transferred to the trust and sold… tax-free! The proceeds of the sale are invested inside the trust.  You or your beneficiaries receive payments from the trust for your life or a certain period of years.  What remains when the trust ends is given to the charity potentially creating substantial tax benefits.  


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