We make the transition easy.

Succession and Success

When it comes time to transition, you want to be sure you will be paid fair value for your practice, and that your clients will be looked after with the same care and attention they are used to receiving from you. We invite you to find out more about Hesen & Haslam and to consider us for your partner in succession.

Finding the Right Succession Partner

You have many choices when it comes to choosing a partner for succession, but not all financial services firms are created equal. At Hesen & Haslam we pride ourselves on the deep and rewarding relationships we have cultivated with our clients over the years. These strong relationships are integral to providing exceptional service and pursuing the financial goals our clients set out to pursue. The trust of our clients is the heart and soul of our business. Our philosophy is that timeless values like trust, honesty, integrity, dependability, and always doing the right thing for the right reasons, are non-negotiable. These core values serve as the basis by which we make any and all decisions.  We have the financial resources necessary to offer a competitive purchase price and the experience of several successful purchases.

How to Have a Successful Transition

In our experience, the most important aspect of a successful transition is that the buyer and seller share the belief that the needs of the clients really do come first. It follows then that one of the key points of a successful transition is making sure buyer and seller have similar investment philosophies and similar client profiles.  Also important is ensuring the buyer has the capacity to service the seller's clients at the highest level.  Hesen & Haslam has intentionally structured their practice to accommodate a purchase without sacrificing quality of service. 

The H&H Investment Philosophy

Hesen & Haslam believes in the planning approach to investing. We stress the importance of taking the time to gather critical information about client objectives and intents before recommending a specific strategies.

The H&H Client

Our clientele can generally fit into one of three groups: They can be small business owners looking to invest their hard-earned wealth and/or potentially reduce their tax burden. Individuals and families transitioning from their working years to a life of financial independence and retirement. And those who have already achieved financial independence, but seeking regular, predictable monthly income. These clients are also often concerned with preserving their life savings and learning how best to transition it to the people they love.