Ryan Haslam, CFP®

I enjoy helping people with what is for many, the most difficult part of their lives: Their finances," says Ryan, "I love helping people organize their financial lives by setting goals and then taking the appropriate steps to working towards them. It is my privilege to help my clients stay the course in such turbulent times."

Ryan’s financial career started in 1998 as a local economy reporter on radio and television stations in Utah. After graduating from Ricks College and then Brigham Young University in communications, he began reporting from the Money/Economy desk of an NBC-TV affiliate in Washington State. 

"It was during my broadcasting career that I found I had a knack for taking complicated financial issues and breaking it down into a concise and understandable news story," says Ryan, "I am able to use this talent every day in helping my clients understand the financial world around them."

Ryan returned to his roots in Southern California to start a family & build a practice in financial services. He now resides in Santa Clarita with his wife, Megan and six sons. He also volunteers at several charity fundraisers & enjoys serving as a youth leader in his church and in Boy Scouts. On weekends, he's usually riding horses or spending time helping his sons become the great hockey players that Ryan pretends to be.

 CA Insurance license #0D69541